“Endgame 69” t-shirt design (detail) for The Devil & The Universe by Billy Phobia (2029).

“Turn Off, Tune Out, Drop Dead”. Winking at the popular rallying cry of the counterculture of the 1960s with these words, which in turn gives one of the tracks its title, The Devil & The Universe straightly place us into the themes addressed throughout their new album: “Endgame 69”. The Vienna-based trio takes us fifty years back on a mighty driven, yet trance-evoking musical journey.

The Psychedelia and the strong advocacy of hallucinogenic drugs. The Satanic Panic and the murders by the Manson Family. The resentment toward the Vietnam War and the revolutionary human rights movements. A slideshow of turbulent times that clearly mirror in ours.

Musically, all this is successfully reflected in “Endgame 69” by combining “the iconography of 1969 with various musical genres such as Space Disco, Psychedelic Glam, Synth Pop, New Wave und Black Metal to create the fever-like haze unmistakeably attributed to the vibe of that year”.

Once again, I have had the great pleasure and challenge to create an album t-shirt for the goats, taking inspiration from all the aforementioned while adding the playful and irreverent touch of humor that is already peculiar to them.

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The Devil & The Universe's Endgame 69 T-shirt Design By Billy Phobia