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Crowdfunding campaign for the VII Semana Gótica de Madrid (SGM)

Crowdfunding campaign for the VII Semana Gótica de Madrid (SGM)

Jun 29

Crowdfunding campaign for the VII Semana Gótica de Madrid (SGM)

Besarilia Cultural Association organizes Semana Gótica de Madrid (Madrid Gothic Week) from 2009. Since then, every year, we have showed the beauty and richness of the nineteenth century, deepened into the mysteries of Romanticism and the various cultural expressions that have extended their legacy to the present day, through literature, music, film, fashion, and visual and performing arts, with successful and extensive national and international impact.

SGM promotes:

The work of classic and present-day authors in the Literature Meeting; the work of artists in SGM Art; fashion collections of young designers in G Platform; concerts and dark underground music through the SGM Festival and Virus G zine; shortfilms, documentaries and video art of new film makers in the Ventana Oscura; independent drama and dance productions in Theatriffic; and cultural studies through the Conference on Art, Literature and Urban Gothic Culture, and the academic magazine Heresy and Beauty.

Why support SGM

Because of its multidisciplinary gothic cultural offer it’s a unique event whose projection increases with each new edition. Because supporting us you will help artists, writers, publishers, musicians, fashion designers and filmmakers, to gain more visibility. Because it’s a recognized and solid event that has shown the richness of the gothic subculture over the years to children, youth, adults and seniors of all walks of life.

What SGM needs

In 2015 the SGM needs to cover one-sixth of the production costs inherent in events of such magnitude: guests transport, food, accomodation and fees; hire of installations and technical equipment; venues, infrastructure, assembly; third-party professional services and so on.

What you get

SGM rewards your patronage with some exclusive gifts. As an independent producer of the event, only you will receive these high quality and unique design articles (including shipping costs). Depending on how much you contribute, SGM gives you several perks that you can find in the crowdfunding campaign link