Madrid Gothic Week (Semana G髏ica de Madrid) Mistérica Danse Macabre Records
VIII SGM FESTIVAL Cathedral 13 Radio

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Hi, this is Billyphobia


I’m a forward thinking, highly motivated advertising creative and art director, multidisciplinary audiovisual artist and illustrator聽from Madrid in Spain.聽I make my living bringing ideas to life and doing pretty things that work fine. Well… I guess you’re probably thinking that it’s not a great achievement so let’s talk about valuable facts. I’m the only Spanish artist who has won the prestigious award Apple World Creative Talent Contest in 2009 for Bit谩cora, a work which also won third prize at the I International Festival of Fake Trailers, Teaserland.聽Other awards (always first place) in the fields of graphic design, illustration, web and motion graphics support my career as self-demanding artist. I hold a degree in Fine Arts and various masters in motion graphics, web development, graphic design and advertising creativity. Also I have an extensive experience working for several agencies and聽as freelancer.聽I’m currently co-owner and creative director at Buzz Factor Creative Studio, our communication agency. We’ll be happy to find a suitable solution to your advertising needs. Buzz us a message and we’ll either email or call you straight back.



I have a lengthy career as DJ of the Goth movement since 1990 in Madrid. I was spinning music for years as partner of the legendary Phobia聽and also as both guest and resident DJ at other resonating clubs here. Uncompromising defender of pure Gothic Rock, I’m selectively eclectic in other dark disciplines with guitar role. I’ve participated in meetings throughout Spain, Europe, Latin America and Asia. I think my motto speaks itself clear and loud:聽No labels, no bastards. I am what I am also on decks.聽I’m currently Subdirector,聽Promoter, Art Director and Official DJ for the most important gothic event in my country: the Semana G贸tica de Madrid – SGM聽(Madrid Gothic Week). Its multidisciplinary nature makes it a unique meeting, not only in Europe but also worldwide.聽For several days you will enjoy the gothic culture in its entirety: literature, cinema, dance, fashion, art and gigs (SGM Fest). Actually, I run my own dark music zine + streaming catalogue which is called聽Virus Gand I’m also co-founder and partner of the Phantom Sessions (Gothic Rock, Death Rock, Post Punk, New/Cold/Dark Wave),聽owner at聽N贸mada Sessions (Gothic Rock, Post Punk, X-Wave, N贸mada Specials), 666 Gothic Club Resident DJ… the list is endless. I’m involved in these projects for free just because I love this music and culture. I’m not another wanna-be journalist or any other kind of poser with notoriety syndrome. Don’t need this… I have a life. I’m just a guy trying to keep the flame burning. You’re more than welcome…