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2015 Best Albums

2015 Best Albums

Dec 28

2015 Best Albums, EPs and Singles (Gothic Rock, Post-Punk, Darkwave and Alternative) in alphabetical order – excluding compilations, demos, reissues, live albums and individual tracks:


2015 Top 10 Albums

Ascetic - Everything Is Becoming

Frank The Baptist - As The Camp Burns

Grave Pleasures - Dreamcrash

Killing Joke - Pylon

Near Earth Orbit - End Of All Existence

Red Sun Revival - Identities

Salvation AMP - Earth We Walk Upon

Sextile - A Thousand Hands

Still Patient? - Shape Shifters

The Devil And The Universe - Benedicere


2015 Top 10 Singles & EPs

Christine Plays Viola - The Stars Can't Frighten 7 inches

Der Himmel über Berlin - Emesys EP

Grooving In Green - Rebirth EP

Infinite Void / Moth Split 7 inches

Neu Zaum - O’Ye Sleepers of Beulah Land of Shades

Terminal Gods - Road Of The Law

The Foreign Resort - The American Dream

The Rope - Waters Rising

Veil Of Light - Talisman

Whispering Sons - Endless Party

2015 Best Albums Virus G